Friday, July 11, 2008

Starting over.

As some of you know, in October 2007 both me and Josh moved to New York City to continue directing commercials and music videos as creative crew 'TWiN'.  Everything professionally is going great, and big doors are opening, sometimes even a couple at a time... which is daunting, and exciting and about 7 other adjectives all combined.  

Our previous blog from Australia got pulled down, and so we're starting fresh here at Blogger.  Hopefully updates will be more often than bi-yearly, so be sure to come back and check out what's goin on with life, work and trivial crap in the TWiN camp.  We're also gonna throw up a bunch of the best posts from our previous blog, just to get some points on the board.  Hopefully we'll catch you soon.  Outtys.

Jon [Josh].

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Saman Keshavarz (Director/Writer) said...

That's exciting...been following ur guys' work for a while now. I'm a budding filmmaker and i have been working spec commercials and music videos for local bands for awhile...I hope to see some more of your latest work in the states soon.

I want MORE from TWiN so i can keep getting inspired, and I would love for ya guys to crit. some of my work if ya ever get the time, it's on my blog ;)

Saman K.

Keep rockin