Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's in the pudding.

So after months of patiently waiting, TWiN have finally broken into the New York modeling scene, and we ain't talkin' no small time nonsense! Ha. These are some of the final ads for the Converse - John Varvatos campaign that we mentioned in a previous blog [scroll down to "It's ringing!" for the full story], and as promised, our skinny asses can now be seen on billboards and in subways across Manhattan. Funny... I guess they weren't havin us on after all. Apart from the fact we're seen heavy-petting with the same girlie, I just don't like the look of what I'm doing in the background to that there BBQ. I'm 'Stralian, and it looks like this is my virgin incounter with a grill!... ha. What exactly is the point of the two hand stab technique Jon? Huh? You're an embarrassment... now hurry up and cook your young friends some steaks before they get to second base, for goodness sakes!

Jon [Josh].

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