Monday, September 17, 2007

Little Fella.

It's been a while since we posted last, so let me have a think about what's gone down in the last 2 months or so. 

Kanye West
and 50 Cent had that little release date beef goin on, where 50 said he'd retire if Yay out-sold him... well he DID, and here's hoping Fiddy's a man of his word. Californication hit Aussie TV with both it's witty AND titty dialogue, proving itself to be an enjoyable watch. Oh yeah, the third Bourne movie hit cinemas and kicked a whole bunch of confined-spaces-ass.

Work-wise, I received a script via email about a month ago for Impotence Australia about a little problem known as 'erectile dysfunction'. Gotta admit, I almost deleted it thinking I'd been spammed, but after reading the script and chuckling outloud [in a good way], I decided to take the project on. The ad is basically about a grumpy and overly stressed-out 50 year-old guy, who wakes up with a perfectly half-sized version of himself dressed exactly the same, who follows him throughout his busy day. He doesn't show his 'little fella' much TLC, and after a hectic day at the office they decide to hit the hay. Our big guy looks over and smiles at his wife, signaling for her to 'hold that thought' as he turns over to his 'little fella' for some much needed asistance. Unfortunately he's fast asleep, regardless of how hard he gets shaked. The tagline is 'Look after your little fella, and he'll look after you'. Ha... it's all in good taste, trust me.

We shot the job last weekend, and it looks great... nice humorous moments with some realistic, but very simple visual effects. Should be on TV in early October, so keep an eye out for the loveable 'little fella'. [Can now be seen at, under TWiN's work].

Jon [Josh].

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