Saturday, July 14, 2007

New York Cabs.

This entry is going to be shorter than most... but I remembered this 5 minutes ago and needed to share. It's just a funny little story which is cool, and weird, and I love when cool weird stuff like this happens. It does seem to happen more to us than most people I know... 

Recently my bro and I were in New York, and were staying in the same hotel room. It was the first morning there, and like most mornings in a foreign country, you spend a good 20 minutes wasting time checking emails [and Facebook]. We're both hangin out - a bunch of skinny kids in boxer shorts - when a cool song wofts out from my speakers [if you weren't aware, WOFT is an acronym for 'Waste Of F'ing Time', which is actually quite accurate in this case]. I remember how much I dug the song the second I heard the first bar, and similarly, Jon looks over and says "I like this... what song is it?". I go into my iTunes to check and suddenly explode with laughter. The song was by Death Cab For Cutie... and I shit you not, was called 'Brothers On A Hotel Bed'. Love it. Couldn't have been more appropriate! [unless anyone's heard of that other song called 'Two Aussie Twins In Their Underwear Tapping Away At Laptops While Sitting On A Hotel Bed' by The Anacdotes. That song is just scary].

Josh [Jon]. 

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