Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mid year update.

I just read the blog post three or so down that talked about us moving to the States, [below the one of us promising to write more posts, which was an obvious lie and now it's quite clear we can't be trusted], and I noticed the photo that went along with that post of Josh struttin' through the LES back in 2006 or something... about one block from where we've been living on Orchard St for the past 14 months. Weird huh? I could literally throw a rock from our apartment to where Josh is in that photo, assuming there was some sort of tear in the space/time continuum right in front of where '2006 Josh' was walking, allowing the rock to safely pass through from 2009 to 2006 and cane him in the head or neck. This is also assuming that I'm that much of a good shot... which is a given, so isn't as much of a variable in this hypothetical daydream. Not even sure why you brought that up.

So... a quick update on 2009 so far, since it's been established we're liars and have barely written a thing. In April we got asked to host a night as directors who are greatly inspired by music of a range of styles, and got to basically DJ the event with support from Q Department, a sound house here in New York. We chose 20 albums that have inspired us over the years, and gave specific songs to 20 different illustrators to interpret the music as artworks, that were exhibited on the night. It was an amazing event, which you can check out here if you'd like. What else? We've been playing a lot of Donkey Kong, which led to a lot of Mr Do! ['Mr Do!' has an exclamation mark in it's title... that wasn't just me being over-eager]. The Hangover came out... and we laughed and laughed. Transformers 2 also came out... and we laughed and laughed. We recently shot a couple jobs back to back - an LG job in New York, and a Cox Communications job in Toronto. Both weren't exactly award-winning, but fun none the less, and I'm sure you can hunt them down if you're even remotely comfortable with Google. Oh, and something else big happened this year, but I can't tell you about that. Okay, see ya.

Jon [Josh].

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joel said...

That space time continuem, rock, back of the head stuff killed me... Thanksabunch!